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Happy 28th Birthday, Daniel Andrew Sharman. (April 25th, 1986)
"They always put me on the back because I’m tall so I decided I should destroy things.”

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"You shouldn’t have sent out that email detailing the symptoms"


i want to live by the ocean but also in the forest but also in the mountains but also in a big city but also in the countryside u feel me

Can’t count the years on one hand that we’ve been  together. I need the other one to hold you, make you feel, make you feel better.. It’s not a walk in the park to love each other, but when our fingers interlock, can’t deny, can’t deny you’re worth it.. Cause after all this time, i’m still into you. I should be over all the butterflies but I’m into you. And, baby, even on our worst nights, i’m into you. Let ‘em wonder how we  got this far cause I don’t really need to wonder at all. Yeah, after all this time, i’m still into you.